I Love Dreamweaver, Except When It Acts Crappy

Macromedia… er… Adobe Dreamweaver is one program I use almost every single day. Aside from Firefox, it is my most-used application. I love it.

Except when it acts crappy.

In the many years I’ve used Dreamweaver, there have been some encounters with craposity. Usually, this occurs when I’ve upgrade to a new version — which I do with religious fervor. Most recently, I upgraded to version CS3 and I ran into this bit of crap today:

The only thing more crappy than software misbehaving is misbehaving software that gives you utterly unhelpful error messages.

“An error occurred”? Oh, thank you so much for that news flash, Adobe Dreamweaver CS3! Could you possibly give me a clue as to why?

Dreamweaver threw this error when I tried to use its Web photo album (Javascript) command. Unfortunately, the photo album is something I use frequently and so I cannot just ignore the problem and hope it’ll go away. So far I have found nothing useful through Google or the Adobe support site. The only suggestion that seems remotely helpful is to completely re-install DW and Fireworks (which DW uses to generate the photo album).

This is a royal pain the ass because the Adobe Creative Suite 3 installation — of which DW and FW are components — is painfully slow. I mean, it took something like 2 hours for me to install it initially. Plus, it forces you to close all Web browsers while you’re installing it. So, your computer is essentially useless while it’s churning along.

Man! What a piece of crap!

Update 8/30/07: In desperation, I tried the uninstall/reinstall method. Took about half an hour to uninstall DW and FW. I don’t know for sure because I started it going in my office and then went home for the day. The next day, I began the reinstallation. Timed it. Clocked in at 45 minutes. Sheesh.

But, of course, the big question is, Did it fix the problem?

Answer: nope.

I guess it’s time to give up on this function of Dreamweaver. Yesterday, I experimented with Photoshop’s Web albums. They work just fine. I’ll start using them instead of DW’s.

This makes me suspicious. Is Adobe sabotaging a formerly Macromedia product? Are they making DW and FW buggy so that users will shift over to Photoshop? Do they just not care about fixing DW/FW issues?

Or am I just being paranoid?

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