Yahoo Domain Service Turns to Crap

Don’t you hate it when a company you like, whose services you’ve recommended to friends, suddenly turns on you? And don’t you hate it when they do it with a smile on their lips as if they’re doing you a favor?

I had been a fan of Yahoo (sorry, I refuse to add an exclamation point to it) Small Business’ domain service for years. In fact, I have eight domains listed there and I’ve recommended it to friends as an inexpensive way to obtain domain-name service.

Well sir, today I received an email that began:

“Get ready for another year of Yahoo! [sic] Domains.”

This is the smile on their face part, the part that comes just before they turn to crap before your eyes.

In addition to notifying me that my domains were about to be automatically renewed, they also, you know, just, by the way, wanted to tell me that they would be tripling the cost of their service. Oh yes, another “great year,” but at three times what they were charging last year.

Specifically, Yahoo charged me under $10 when I started renewing domain names with them. Come to think of it, it was even cheaper than that because the first couple of names I did were under a special offer. I think they were as low as $6 per name.

And the new rate is $34.95.

So, my eight domains will cost me $279.60 instead of $79.6!

Or they would if I were to stay with Yahoo. But you’d better believe I will be dumping them as soon as I find a more reasonably-priced registrar.

Update 5/29/2008:

Unbelievable! Yahoo is still advertising “$9.95 /year for Yahoo! Domains” on

Have they no shame?

Update 6/3/2008:

It occurred to me that the email I got might’ve been spoofed — just a competitor trying to get folks made at Yahoo. So, I’ve tried to call their customer service to check. They have no email address for queries so I fired up the speaker phone and got ready to wait.

Yesterday, I sat on hold for 50 minutes and then gave up. Today, 61 minutes and then they cut me off.

Man, a customer service melt down suggests something weird is happening.

Update 7/26/2008:

Oh, it’s no spoof.

I was out of town for a couple of weeks and wasn’t quick enough in the moving of two of my domains off Yahoo. Just got charged $34.95 each for renewal of these domains. Bastids!

I supposed I could contest the charge, but how much of my time would that take? I’ll just eat the cost for this year and be sure to move before renewal time next year.

Also, Yahoo charged me for a domain-name account there even though the name was moved to another registrar! So, to be free of fucking Yahoo, you have to be sure to (1) move all your registrations off fucking Yahoo and (2) cancel those domain names’ accounts on fucking Yahoo.


Update 1/8/09

Yahoo finally amended their misleading pitch of $9.95/year domains. Now, in itty-bitty print it says, “for your first term.”


It’s still a fuckin’ rip. I’m moving all my domains off their service, which in itself is a big headache.


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