New Crap from the IOSYBWGFYO File

The IOSYBWGFYO (“In Order to Serve You Better, We’re Going to Fuck You Over”) File provides what appears to be an unending supply of crap. The latest IOSYBWGFYO offender to arrive in my email inbox is Kodak Gallery, which sent me this little note today:

So that you are aware, we have modified our Terms of Service*: To more effectively serve our Gallery members, we have adjusted our photo-storage policy to align with storage usage.

To store photos at the Gallery, members with photo storage of 2 gigabytes (GB) or less must make annual minimum purchases totaling at least $4.99.** Failure to meet this requirement may result in your photos being deleted from the Gallery.

** If your storage exceeds 2GB, our new Storage Policy requires that you spend $19.99 annually to continue storage of your photos.

Any further comment is superfluous, I reckon. Its craposity is self-evident. But I will note that what I most hate about such notices is that they claim that the reason for this crap is to serve you better. Why can’t they be honest about the reason behind the change, which, in this case, is obviously to make more money?

Perhaps it’s time to start the IOSYBWGFYO Blog to track this crap.


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