The Crap Shifts Once Again

We have decided to move the Crappy Software blog once again.

For the past five years, we have been irregularly posting rants about crappy software on a self-hosted WordPress site at, to which we had moved after Blogger became intolerably crappy. Don’t get us wrong, we still like WordPress, but–good gawd!–it’s become such a target for hackers that plugging security holes has become a full-time occupation.

So, we’ve decided to make our new home on–where hopefully the security vulnerabilities are immediately fixed. Our new URL is clunky: And we’re too cheap to pay for an ad-free version of the blog. That’s why you’ll see some click-bait-y ads popping up every once in a while.

We started the Crappy Software Blog on August 24, 2005. In the intervening years, software has definitely not gotten any less crappy. And so we soldier on…


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