“In Order to Serve You Better…”

From the Department of “In Order To Serve You Better, Here’s a Load of Crap to Swallow” comes this piece from Microsoft’s PR people, titled “Microsoft Provides Additional Clarity About Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications”.

It drew the attention of the IOTSYBHaLoCtS Department for its subtitle: “The WGA program was launched July 2005 to provide an improved experience for consumers using genuine Windows XP and to help Microsoft address software piracy.”

The Department asks, “Um. Exactly how does a service that surreptitiously contacts Redmond and snitches on me if I don’t have a “proper” Windows license improve my experience of Windows?”

The article begins:

REDMOND, Wash., June 8, 2006 — On April 24 as part of the Genuine Software Initiative, Microsoft expanded a pilot of the Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) program that provides notifications to consumers using non-genuine Microsoft Windows XP. Every year millions of consumers and businesses are hurt by counterfeit software that they have purchased unwittingly, and many companies that sell legitimate software have difficulty competing with low “too good to be true” prices offered by software counterfeiters. Through WGA, Microsoft is working to help customers and resellers of Microsoft products reduce the threats posed by counterfeit software.

“Millions of consumers . . . are hurt by counterfeit software.” How’s that?



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