Are Front-Loading Washers Crap? Why, Yes, They Are

Several years ago, we bought a high-efficiency, front-loading washer—a Frigidaire Affinity.

I have regretted it ever since.

The three main reasons that it is a crappy appliance are:

  1. It’s impossible to keep its door seal (the rubber gasket that fits around the door to keep water from leaking out) clean. It inevitably becomes mildewy and moldy if you neglect to assiduously dry it out with a towel after each and every wash load. And once it becomes moldy, no amount of bleach or vinegar will clean it—resulting in a very expensive repair bill to replace it.
  2. It vibrates like a sumbitch. I’ve worked on leveling it and put anti-vibration pads under it, but it still vibrates the floor so badly that you can feel it on the other side of our house. I shudder to think what it is doing to our foundation. If you don’t have a concrete floor on which to put a front-loader, I would strongly advise against installing one.
  3. It’s inconvenient to load clothes into it. Each wash day I am literally down on my knees, feeding laundry into it.

If new washers weren’t so ding-dang expensive, I’ve had junked this one long ago.


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