Non-Crappy Browser

Every once in awhile, we here at the Institute for the Elimination of Crappy Software (IftEoCS) come across non-crappy software upon which we feel the need to remark. The Mozilla Firefox browser is one such piece of non-crappy software.

The staff of the IftEoCS has been using browsers since NCSA Mosaic came out in 1993. Hell, we’ve been using them since they were all text. We’ve been using them since they were competing with U of Minnesota’s Gopher. And if you have to ask what Gopher was, then you must be a n00b or a whippersnapper or an upstart or something.

The point is, the IftEoCS knows from browsers and our browser of choice is Firefox. Mozilla is just about to release a new, improved version of Firefox and they’ve decided to mark the occasion by going for the record of the most downloads of a piece of software in a 24 hour period. Plus, they’ve got a cute little fire fox (I guess) logo promoting the record-breaking attempt.

I’ve already gone to their Website and “pledged” to help break this record. What’s stopping you?

The actual date of the release has not been announced yet, but it must be close because Mozilla is already providing “release candidates” on their Website. If you pledge to download it, then you’ll be notified via email when it’s available.


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