Cox Communication: Incompetent Crap or Devious Crap?

Here’s yet another reason why the cable-TV industry is one of the most detested in America.

A month ago I made a change to my parents’ Cox service–downgrading the package they had chosen and  eliminating the worthless in-home wiring “protection.” I hand delivered their set-top box to a Cox store and thought that was the end of it.

But no. On the next bill, issued two weeks later, we were still being charged for the features I thought I removed.

So, I had to call Cox again and ask about it. “Oh, yes,” the customer service rep said, “I see you have a work order for these changes, dated a month ago. But it wasn’t finalized.” What does that mean, I asked. “Well, it’s supposed to happen automatically when you return equipment, but sometimes it doesn’t.”

How many folks get trapped by something like this as they don’t scrutinize their bill each and every month?

Is this devious or incompetent crap? I suspect the former.



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